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4 Powerful DIY Disinfectants That Actually Kill Viruses

Co-vid 19 has caused a shortage in disinfectants and sanitizers. Reasonably, most sources are directing their supplies to hospitals and healthcare workers. Unfortunately, that leaves most households wondering how we are supposed to protect ourselves and our families. Many turn to DIY products, but how do you know which of the DIY disinfectants actually kill viruses? I've read and searched to find the best DIY alternatives backed by science that I could. Since we can't buy what has already been tested, we should be able to feel secure in the
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11 Essential Chores Your Kids Can Master

With the kids home there is more laundry, more dishes, more chores in general. Sudden changes in our routines have everyone stressed, but some sort of daily life has to carry on. Overwhelm sets in quickly. There is hope though! Unless your kids are very small, there are definitely chores they can do to help ease the workload. It isn't mean or unfair to expect your kids to contribute. In fact, it is beneficial. So, give them chores with no guilt and know that you are making more self-sufficient adults. I do
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21 Teen Approved, Awesome Activities for Being Stuck Home

Teens can be harder to entertain when you are stuck in the house. I asked my kids for ideas and the 14 year old had the most input for me. So, here are my "teen approved" activities to suggest to your teens when they have run out of ideas. 21 "Teen Approved" Activities As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 1. Make a music video or movie 2. Practice origami 3. Learn to cook their favorite meal 4. Movie marathon (at home or online with friends) There are more than a handful of
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Ultimate List of Online Boredom Busters (Over 50 links!)

People are sharing great links everywhere to online boredom buster activities. Online classes, virtual tours, free showings, e-books, and so much more. It's really very impressive all that is available. Since it is being shared mostly one link at a time over multiple platforms, I decided to make an ultimate list of sorts to share. So, here are all the resources I've been seeing offered online. {Edited to add over 19 new links!} Kid Focused Resources I'm sure most of these could be enjoyed by all ages, but if you are specifically
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My Holiday Musts

My Holiday Musts
When it comes to the holidays, some things I try to do every year no matter what. Whether I'm looking forward to the festivities, dreading them due to depression/anxiety, or not able to do much due to a chronic illness flare, this doesn't change. These are my holiday musts. Songs I'm not the type that likes to play Christmas music much. I hate how it is everywhere once Halloween is over, and I don't listen to it on the radio. There are a few songs that tend to get in my
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12 Extremely Useful Spoonie Cleaning Tips

12 Extremely Useful Spoonie Cleaning Tips
I wrote a post with a few cleaning tips before, and enjoyed sharing some of the shortcuts I've found over the years. I recently had a request to share some more, and I was happy to compile another list of spoonie cleaning tips. These really work for anyone who wants to spend less time and energy on housework but, obviously, my fellow spoonies come to mind first. :) [caption id="attachment_1196" align="aligncenter" width="300"] This is what we are trying to prevent![/caption] Vacuuming We need to vacuum our carpet almost daily, since we have
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Self Care: Daylight Savings and Sleep

The time change in spring and fall is rough on most people who have to go thorough it. I'm not sure if anyone outside the U.S. does Daylight Savings, but I know that there are only a few lucky states that don't. (I'm so jealous!) To try to help at least a few more people to get the rest they need, I researched some DST sleep tips. Daylight Savings Tips I think the best tip I found was to gradually transition over a few days. Starting a few days ahead of

Random Acts of Kindness Day

  February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day in the United States. I compiled a list of ideas for you to choose from to celebrate. Some ideas are quick one shot type of things, and other ones are more of an ongoing type of thing. Compliment someone. Pay for the person behind you in line at the drive through. Offer to help someone carry out their bags at the store. Take a cart back for someone. Send a nice card to somebody for no reason. Pay someone else's library fines. Ask your local nursing home for

My Personal Love Story

The first time I remember really noticing Josh was our sophomore year in high school. He'd had long hair for as long as I could remember, and he came to school one day with it cut short. I had heard some of the other kids giving him a hard time about it, and I didn't want him to feel self-conscious, so I gathered up my courage, and told him I thought his hair looked nice. We ended up having a few classes together that year, but I remember talking to
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10 Self Date Ideas

Self Date ideas
You don't need to wait for a partner to go on a date. Treat yourself, and try some of these ideas for a self date. 1) Go to a bookstore and roam around. Buy yourself a book or a nice journal to write in. 2) Visit an animal shelter and spend time with the critters. Adopt one if you connect, and have the means to provide a good home. 3) Take a favorite book to a coffee shop and hang out. Time with a choice drink, great book and maybe a treat