Why is Self-Acceptance So Vital to Our Happiness?

Without self-acceptance, we are plagued with low self-esteem, guilt, anxiety, internal judgment, criticism and even possible depression. What is it about self-acceptance that makes such a difference? Let’s delve in and see. Self-acceptance interrupts the negative When we embrace self-acceptance, we stop judging ourselves. Our self-criticisms and negative talk stop. A daily regime of negative talk, judgment, criticism, etc. gets internalized to the point that we believe all of it and think we aren’t capable of more. Instead of seeing moments of weakness, we believe we are weak. Instead of recognizing

My Simple Method for Beating Negative Thoughts

  I've written before about 5 Steps Toward Self Acceptance. Those aren't the only steps, and I'm sure to write about more later. Today though, I want to expand on the second one in that post. Work on fighting negative thoughts. The Truth About Negative Thoughts The truth is, they aren't the truth. Negative thoughts are our brain catastrophizing the situation. It is really good at coming up with the worst case scenario. These are irrational thoughts, and not based on the facts of the situation. If your conclusions about yourself or

The Fundamental Key to Happiness

The Fundamental Key to Happiness: Self-Acceptance
New year, new me. It seems like that is always the theme this time of year. There is always a push to be changing and fixing yourself. Bettering yourself is a wonderful idea, but I really feel it is better to approach it from a place of loving yourself and not hating yourself. So I feel it's better to work on self-acceptance first. Self-acceptance is your satisfaction or overall happiness with yourself. It has a broader reach than self-esteem. While self-esteem focuses more on the positives, and the value we