Growing In Self-Acceptance

Growing In Self-Acceptance Community for FML

I was made aware that I never “officially” told you about the Facebook group made in connection with the blog. A community where people can support each other as they grow in their understanding of themselves and improve self-esteem together is a dream of mine. That is what I’m hoping Growing in Self-acceptance can be.

Members will get early notification of any new projects I do or any exciting announcements. (They will know second after my email list.) There will also be fun challenges to do together, if you want to participate, and other community building activities.

Exclusive to the group, will be weekly Facebook live sessions where we can do Q&A’s, talk about a recent post, or discuss any number of other subjects as we decide on together. I want to be there for you and share in this learning! These will then be posted to YouTube for re-watching. Only group members will have the opportunity to ask questions live and participate in the discussion as it happens.

This group will be an important part of the Flawed, Messy Life community, and I’d love for you to help me grow it. Once it gets big enough, I’ll need to choose a few admins to help out also.

How to join Growing in Self-Acceptance

Growing In Self-Acceptance

Just click this link to be taken to the group, and request to be added. To be sure you don’t miss out on any bonuses I may send out later, join my email list also. You can find a form to fill out on the side bar, or toward the bottom of the page if you are on mobile.

We are a small group at this point, but we are developing. I believe that if we work through some growing pains we will have an amazing community. I look forward to seeing you there!

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